This kind of compliment comes when you nail something.

When you could bring joy to your dad’s heart by doing exactly what you do and doing it well(can be giving him money to drink).

When you could access the heart of a client and bring out the best of their comments.

This kind of comment comes majorly when a project is carefully accessed, and well-done with every detail put to check and top-notch creativity.

You can get it regularly and even get bored.

But first, you need to do the work. Nail it and spice it with creativity.



Yeah, 78 years of designing awesome furniture products.

You know it’s IKEA right.

What keeps them that relevant?

Guess it’s because of the Democratic Design they introduced.

The Democratic Design Includes 5 core personalities that each of its products has to possess.

They Include Good design, functionality, quality, sustainability, and low price.

It doesn’t have to be the five personalities IKEA possesses but your brand will feel alive when it possesses some personal traits and people are connected to it.



If your friends don’t bring you to your sense when you’re trying to misbehave, I think you should change them.

If they don’t put your name in important/opportunistic discussions, I think you should change them.

If they can’t hype you/or brag about you when needed, I think you should change them.

If they speak of you destructively either when you’re there or not, you should definitely change them.

If their beliefs don’t synchronize with what you believe, Maybe you should stay away from them.

If they can’t help you grow or don’t support your growth, you should definitely change them.

Friendship is about connection, honesty, trust, and love.

When these attributes are missing. The friendship isn’t there.



This is to show that you’ve been growing.

To show yourself that you’re working towards reaching that level you dream to attain.

Documentation can be as little as you writing down your daily activities or as large as you celebrating your little and major wins either with your self or with friends.

In another way, documentation can be described as you writing down experiences from a journey.

You can document with a diary or make a video, podcast or probably share a blog post about an experience.

Just put something down.

And observe yourself grow.



We’re involved in some things and we require to receive the perfect results doing them.

These things we decide to do, some do them regularly and some do them occasionally.

You won’t receive the perfect results you need when you’re not consistent with what you decide to do.

Occasional commitments cannot bring the perfect result needed.

Be consistent



We tend to take our own personal opinions toward some things and generalize them around everything.

It’s okay to have opinions about situations but generalizing it to all situations is wrong.

You see a pastor as fake, don’t generalize that all pastors are.

You get bored while watching Korean movies but Korean movies are generally not boring.

In my opinion, people who generalize are mentally ill.



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