Learning Is More Advanced Now.

A short conversation between two friends.

Jani: Hey Tesian, How are you doing?

Tesian: I’m Fine Thanks.
Jani: When would you be coming home? I need help with some things.
Tesian: I don’t know yet. What do you need help with?

Jani: I want to utilize this break and start learning product design and I know you’ve been doing it for some time now. It would be nice if I can learn directly from you. Maybe sit with you and learn everything I can.

Tesian: Quite funny.

Lesson: Actually learning is now crazily advanced.

You don’t need to see me face to face to learn.

So, I don’t need to come home before you can learn.

Design no be hairdressing na 😂😂😂

These tips can help you out if you need to learn something.

  • Ask for resources or links to courses.
  • Take introductory courses
  • practice, practice, practice
  • Create something
  • Ask for reviews.
  • Keep learning and practicing

The person you’re going to for guide mightn’t be chanced to render the kind of help needed but 2hrs review daily or weekly will surely help your growth.

Hope this helps.



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