Something Worth A Pizza

Teslim Abu
3 min readMar 18, 2022


The past 3weeks has been a whole lot of tough, fun, and educative experience for me.

I have been working on the brand identity of an eCommerce brand(more on that later) and the whole experience has been awesome.

Initially, I was off on the project as it wasn’t looking like something I would want to do since the brief wasn’t clear enough and the negotiation was not something to write about.

With time, we sorted out the negotiation issue and I had to get to work.

The hardest part

Understanding the brief, getting the right direction, and making good stuff were the things I had to battle with at the beginning of the project.

I got my balance with the help of research and brand style scape I created(thanks to Chris Do and some other youtube channels for the tutorial).

The direction was clearer now.

I pitched it and got a go-ahead.

Bringing out the mark

Aside from getting the right direction for the project, another thing I had to battle with was generating the perfect mark(logo).

I did the research for hours which later shifted to days.

The challenge was getting a simple mark that will be able to identify itself with the brand and will still be distinguishable from other brands.

After days of sketching, canceling, and erasing, I finally got my mark which I pitched.

I actually got three concepts for the logo, two were tight but the best guy won.

Playing with type and pigments

Getting the typeface to be used was quite easy and straightforward.

The style scape made it so. The direction was clear enough.

Figuring the right shade of color to use was a very hard task.

The color direction was clear but I needed the exact shade of that particular color.

Getting the color was an issue as my system has a very poor color resolution and I had to be sending the designs to my friend's phones just to get the exact color needed.

Making things move

At the beginning of the year, I made decided to take motion seriously by practicing every day and taking courses with a goal to be able to create something meaningful by the end of Q1

Still on the movement but hope to make something nice.

And there’s Behance.

I have been working towards putting the project on Behance and I have been at it since 11:00 pm and it’s 5:31 am by my time.

Gosh! I want to sleep.

The Behance project is coming out extremely nice that I feel I might get my first Behance feature.

I just love everything about this project.

I think that would be all about my project gist for today. I would be releasing the project soon and will be giving update on the reviews.

Omo, my eyes are closing already, I have to go to sleep Now.

Stay Lofty



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