Creatives and Writing

When I say creatives, I literally mean (but are not limited to)designers.

Designers are mostly scared to go into writing or explore their writing skills.

If you’re scared of writing, how will you handle the first step of a creative project?

How will your concept development go?

There’s this flow that needs to be released when you’re starting a project and I feel it will come from free writing. Just write, keep writing, for a dedicated amount of time.

Freewriting allows us to drop our first thoughts down on paper and dig deeper toward the perfect solutions

Don’t stop till you’re done writing.

When I say writing as a designer, I am definitely not expecting you to write the next CNN publication, what I am saying is that you should just take that time and write something out without your inner critic at work.

Interestingly, it isn’t compulsory you use a pen and paper to free write, you can decide to type or better still just use a recorder it depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Trust me, writing makes all other creative processes extremely easy.

Stay Lofty



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